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Golden Memories
  • Coming back together reminiscing the past and cherishing memories is the true essence of an Alumni. It brings out a sense of belonging among the ex BVites who have walked towards accomplishing their goals.
  • Our Alumni was initiated on 8th May 2018 and gladly members from far and wide who have excelled in their career and soared to heights have made a successful comeback to contribute to their Alma mater in a fruitful manner.
  • We provide our Alumnus a platform to meet and share their experiences that the school had provided them to carve a niche for them in their field of specialization.
  • The highlights of our school is the school Alumni, in which our students studded in top Ranking Jobs and coveted designations. They always have partnered in the school progress which is the matter of Pride to the Institution.
  • Our Alumni have been very active and have extended their co- operation and participation in many of the school activities. They volunteer in giving their support to the various facets of their Alma mater.

Welcome Home!

There is so much happening in your school and we would love to have you with us. Let us know where life has taken you as a BVite and BV family is eagerly waiting to receive you and enjoy your success. If you like to be included in our Alumni database please email us at

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