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Executive Director

Mr.S.G.Varun Krisana

Mr.S.G.Varun Krisana

Executive Director & Trustee

Bhaktavatsalam Memorial Trust

A young visionary with a blend of tradition and modernity. Dynamic Forerunner of the BMT has completed his high school in International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Kodaikanal International School and has procured his Degree in Arts with a double Major in Commerce and Honors in Economics from Mount Allison University, Canada. He has served as vice president of MOSAIC (The society of Nations) and also as management consultant for Uresta (New Brunswick). He is the Founder & Marketing lead of Boba Tea Inc.

A farsighted leader with determination and dedication possesses high caliber to redefine Education. He nurtures a sense of pride in his roots, of living amidst a family of educationists. His magnanimous outlook involves him actively in philanthropic activities. He has been an integral part of various initiatives. His perspective on progress of Education focuses on multifaceted and divergent curriculum, that prepares the leaners to be globally competent. His involvement in social media as a best platform to showcase the Institutions’ progress in all dimensions, has recorded a meteoric rise in the school’sstandards par excellence.

His strategies of development are distinct and persuasive to modernize and revitalize the education system. He trusts in his workforce and believes in leaving footprints that will lead to progressin the field of education.

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