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Aspire Achieve Accomplish
The Beginning to a Whole New ‘World of Learning’.

Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya

For Online Admissions
Aspire Achieve Accomplish
The Beginning to a Whole New ‘World of Learning’.

Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya

For Online Admissions

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Bhaktavatsalam Vidyashram is an extremely focused student centric Institution which specializes in teaching, grooming and helping students learn to unlearn. The school offers a unique blend of academics, sports, culture and values. The school always tries to instill ethics in students at each and every step. Every child is encouraged to explore his/her true potential within a stimulating atmosphere. The versatile curriculum facilitates a balanced blend of academics and experimental learning. Students get opportunities to exhibit their talents and leadership skills through structured activities like Interact Club, Literary Club, Philately club, Karuna Club, Science Club, Nature Club, Health Club, Heritage Club and Scouts & Guides. The school encourages the students to participate in competitions like Olympiads, Spell Bee, NTSC & Geography Talent Test. Exclusive care is taken to accommodate and give opportunities for the children with special needs. Inclusive Education is our significant feature. Children with learning disabilities and slow learners are accommodated with slight adaptations in the curriculum enabling them to cope up with academics. Since every child comes from a different background with different learning capacity, the school plans accordingly and takes the responsibility.

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   Admission Opens
   School Toppers - Board Examinations 2021-22
   Quiz Wizards!
BV Students Deepak Raju & Aagash Joe Lawrence secured third place in Chemistry Quiz conducted by SACSE at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar.

   Cheers to BV Boys
Our Young Cricketers (under 14) was awarded the Best Team and a Best Performer at the Inter School Cricket 2022 and were presented the Kuppusami Memorial Invitational Trophy organized by K Square Group of Companies.

   BV Vocational Training Centre
BV Vocational Training Centre made its official beginning on 10th June 2022 with an induction programme to make our Freshers acquainted with the course of study. It was a good beginning to build a career and to set off empowered. A warm welcome was extended by the Principal, Headmistress and Staff.

   World Yoga Day
Happy Soul, Fresh Mind, Healthy Body. All these can be achieved with Yoga. BVites performed various Asanas and the each Asana was briefed.

   World Environment Day
Let's Live Inside The Nature’s Nest. World Environment Day was celebrated as BVites spelt out their concerns on placards to create awareness to save nature and a beautiful poem was recited experiencing endless love for nature.

   Interaction with Interactors
'Interaction with Interactors' BV participated in the Rotary youth leadership awards organized by the Rotary Club of Ambattur. Various programmes and talent shows for students were conducted by Rotarians to exhibit their talents and bring the best out of them.

   KG Graduation
‘A step up the ladder’ Our UKG Kids Graduated and received their graduation certificates from the correspondent Dr.K.Maragathamani and chief guests Ms.Debjani Bhaduri, Professional Storyteller and Ms.Nancy Ramesh, Headmistress KG, Maharishi Vidhya Mandir.

   KG NCVRT Inauguration
Reaching another milestone A venture into a new education programme Bhaktavatsalam Vidyashram Vocational Training Centre was inaugurated by Ms.Nancy Ramesh, Headmistress KG, Maharishi Vidhya Mandir. An opportunity to empower women with the skills to train the future kids.

   Candle Light Ceremony
Kindle the spark Ignite the mind Enlighten the future Correspondent Dr.K.Maragathamani lit the lights to brighten the lives of the students of class X & XII at the candle light ceremony.

It's always hard to say Goodbye. Students of Class XI bid adieu to their Seniors revoking pleasant memories. Trustee Mr.Varun Krisana wished them all success and presented them badges as a memorabilia.


Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Samman
Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Samman
Life Achievement Golden Peacock Award
Lifetime Achievement Golden Peacock Award 2019
National School Excellence Award
National School Excellence Award for Leadership in Curricular Education

“BV Creates Extraordinary Students from Ordinary Backgrounds.”

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