She heads the institution as a Principal and has been in chair for the last two years.

Academic Background

She has her Masters in History from Madras University and an M Phil in Education from Annamalai University. She has a jewel to her qualification securing University Rank in B.A Geography from the University of Kerala.

Professional Experience

She has been serving the teaching fraternity for more than two decades. In her tenure she has been a social Studies teacher, Head of Department, High school Headmistress and currently the Principal of our Institution.

  • Has procured centums in AISSE.
  • Has trained Social Studies faculty for CCE.
  • Question Paper Setter for AISSE Exams
  • Has conducted motivational programme for students & Teachers.
  • She has been the Head Examiner for AISSE
  • Last but not the least she has been on the Kalaingar Channel in “Adutha Elakku” a live talk show providing counseling for the Board Exam Students.
  • She is a very dynamic and enterprising person with a flair for social service.
  • Apart from academic career, she is also a good classical dancer, and an ardent devotee of Shri Ramakrishna.
My Impressions

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the discrimination of truth “

- John F Kennedy

The strength of the tree can be measured by the sturdiness of its roots. The small buds have to be given the right nutrition so that they bloom into beautiful flowers.

We, at BV have been striving to provide the right nuggets of nutrition to the bright young minds of today, who have to bear the mantle of making our country a peaceful and prosperous place in the days to come. We hope and pray to the Almighty that our students grow into huge Banyan trees which strengthen the ground they stand on. Their strong roots will provide a stable foundation for other plants to grow.