Policy To ensure that each one of the students we mould has been equipped to succeed.

We take it upon us that each child in educated not just in academic but in lessons of life too.

We allow the student to explore, gather, process, refine and present information thus making learning relevant and purposeful.

To enhance self concept and encourage team orientation.

Enable them to manage consequences and appreciate the larger world.

Students should see that the classrooms and school premises are always kept clean.

Students should be in school on time. Parents are expected to co-operate in instilling punctuality, regularity and discipline in the children. Late coming will not be entertained. If the late coming entries exceed three, the student will be allowed to attend the school only when accompanied by the parent. Late comers should use only the small side gate in the front in the playground. The late comers not only miss the prayer but all the announcements and instructions. This creates communication gap. Please avoid this.

Any damage done to school property will have to be made good.

No books, newspapers or periodicals other than those prescribed should be brought to school.

Students are expected to take part in co scholastic activities of the school as part of their continuous comprehensive evolution.

Parents are requested to go through the Assessment / Test / Exam schedule printed in the diary.

Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or communicate with the teachers during class hours without prior permission from the principal.

A record of the address of the parents or guardian is maintained in the school. Any change of address or contact members and their phone numbers should be communicated to the school office without delay.

It is imperative for all students to be present on the first and last working day of every term.

Students should not stay away from school. For special reasons, prior leave of absence is to be obtained in writing. A student should have a minimum of 75% attendance to be eligible for promotion.

Leave of absence must be sent in the prescribed from duly signed by parent/guardian.

A student who is absent for 3 days or more on account of illness must produce a medical certificate for the period of absence.

Parents are expected to follow up with the child in his/her progress and growth and maintain a cordial, co-operative relationship with all the teachers and school authorities. Every parent is expected to attend the meeting when called for.

Students are prohibited from bringing cell phones to school. Confiscated cell phones will not be returned.

Students who wish to use two-wheelers to commute to school must submit a photocopy of their licence at the office. Use of helmet is compulsory in such cases.

Formative and summative tests are compulsory.

A student suffering from a contagious or infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school and even cycle tests in primary.

No student will be allowed to leave immediately after the cycle test. The student will be granted half a day’s leave if a leave letter is sent. A girl student will be allowed to go only with her parent / guardian.

It is compulsory for every student to come to school dressed in proper school uniform and also when they attend special classes, rehearsals and competitions.

Students should be clean and tidy in person and dress.

Students are not permitted to wear any jewellery.

Any communication (requst/complaint/excuse) made by parents, should be addressed to the principal and not to the class teacher.

Railway concessions are given only for the summer vocation and not for the Quarterly or Half-yearly holidays. All text books and note books should be purchased only from the school book depot on working days between 8.30p.m and 3.00p.m.

Lunch is to be sent with your ward in the morning only. For safety and security of your ward, dropping of lunch bag will not be entertained. No parent will be allowed to feed the children inside the campus.