Student’s Hand Book is the best communication channel between the Parent and the School.

Have a check on student’s Hand Book every day for any instruction  and Information.

Remarks made in the Hand Book should be read and counter signed immediately.

Avoid coming to school in informal attire.

Parents can meet the teachers only at 3:20 pm with prior appointment approved by the Principal.

Parents may not engage the staff of the school for private tuitions.

Parents are requested to go through the circulars given by the school and sign without fail.

Any change of address / phone number should be communicated without delay.

Parents are expected to go through the test/ examination schedule printed in the hand book and also to attend Open days as per the schedule given.

Railway concessions are given only for the summer vacation.

Lunch is to be sent with your ward in the morning, for safety and security of your ward, dropping of lunch later will not be entertained.

Parents are expected to co-operate in the smooth functioning of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline in the children.