Beyond periphery of Classrooms

Bhaktavatsalam Vidyashram students are groomed to excel and stretch their horizons to be partakers of the society. Bearing this in mind they are given opportunities  to be members of the various clubs of the school.

The club has been functioning since 2004. The Aim of the club is live and let live. The soule objective of the club is to impart humane education. In the fast paced  environment  there is no time for thoughts about our coexistence with other living beings. The club promotes the karuna values such as compassion towards all living beings,plants , animals and fellow humans. They conduct various activities to appreciate and help in their own way to conserve our environment .Activites such as  visit to goshala , celebration of compassion day, Animal mask making competition and Drawing competitions on various topics related to animal welfare are conducted.

The club was inaugurated on 21st Jan 2005. It was started with the guidance of wwf-india . The aim of the club is to heal our ailing planet and to continue to preserve the natural environment in which humans live in harmony with nature. The club observes and conducts various activities and competitions on  Earth Day , Environment Day and Nature conservation Day.

The club has been functioning since 1991 under the sponsorship of rotary club of Ambattur. Its main objective is community service. The club organizes various activities such as collection of essential commodities  to  donate to the orphanages.  The club members volunteer their services by participating in Blood donation camps, Pulse polio programmes and Elders day celebrations.
To promote Health and well being in a holistic way.The club organizes various activities and awareness programmes on the ill effects of junk foods and to educate the children about the importance of consuming healthy and traditional food.Yoga and meditation programmes are conducted periodically to improve their physical and mental well being.

The club has been functioning since July 24th 2011. The Aim of the club is to sensitize the student community to sustain our heritage and to evoke consciousness about safeguarding our culture.They conduct activities relatedto our heritage,ideals, codes and standards which are driven into the minds of students to revive and restore our uniqueness.

The club was inaugurated on 3rd sep 2013 to attain perfection in  language  communication and comprehension skills. They focus on organizing various competitions and also help in encouraging stage presentations. They conduct competitive exams like Olympiads,spelling  contests and provide opportunities for students  to develop their linguistic skills. The school is associated with Times of India, NIEprogramme, which enables them to enrich their reading habits and to stay updated with current affairs.

This club has been functioning since Jan 2006.  The club focuses in creating awareness among students about ‘understanding the universe’ and ‘inculcating scientific temper’. The club conducts various programmes, National science day celebrations and National astronomy Olympiad exam, They are encouraged to view the celestial bodies in the galaxy during phenomenal occasions.

Regular regional camps are organised and students are trained to procure the highest rank of the Rashtrapathi Award.