Our institutions is a member of IAYP right from inception. Every year students from class IX to XII get qualified to receive Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards issued by the Award authority, London.

Astronomy club

This club has been functioning since Jan 2006. The aim of the club is to create awareness among student about “ understanding the universe” and “ inculcate scientific temper” the club conducted various programmes national science day celebrations, national astronomy Olympiad exam, frequent watching night sky, new 3 D shows such as eyes on the skies, science is fun etc.,

Interact club

The club has been functioning since 1991 under the sponsorship of rotary club of Ambattur . The main aim is community service . The club organize various activities such as collection of Dhal, Rice and other essential items from the students and donating them to the orphanages. The club members volunteer their services in blood donation, polio, pulse ,programmes and elders day celebrations.

Literary club

The club was inaugurated on 3rd sep 2013 to help attain perfection in the English language in speaking as well as writing by conducting various competitions and also help in eliminating fear of speaking on stage . Their agenda for 2013-104 academic year was conduct English Olympiad , sporten spell B contest and poetry writing above the teachers on teachers day.

Karuna club

The club has been functioning since 2004. The Aim of the club is live and let live. To promote the karuna values such as compassion, kindness, animal welfare and vegetarian is. They conducted various activities such as ” visit to goshala “, “celebration of compassion day”, Animal mass making competition and Drawing competitions of various topic related to animal welfare.

Health club

The motto of the club is “To inculcate healthy attitudes”. Dengue, Dental, Tuberculoses and Hebetates B and cancer awareness programmes are the main activities of this club. They celebrated world heart day Alzheimer’s etc.,

Heritage club

The club has been functioning since July 24th 2011. The Aim of the club is to sensitize the student community towards heritage and conservations issues . They conducted notice board competition on various topics, Rangolian and Deepam competitions ,visited vellore heritage site celebrated all festival in school campus.

Philately club

The club has been functioning since Aug 1992 through collection of stamps, the club influences to improve once own knowledge on history and geography , a part of knowledge on cultures on various nations. They organized variety of programmes such as visit to rail museum, exhibition of stamps on madras day quiz on stamps conducted by Indian postal service etc.,

Nature club

The club has been inaugurated on 21stjan 2005. It was started with the guideness of Sri S. Anand of education officer ,Tamil Nadu state office wwf-india . The aim of the club is to stop the planet’s natural environment and to build a feature in which humans live in harmony with nature .their agenda for 2014 academic year has follows

  • Discover my nature – field visit to Adyar poonga
  • Visit to organic farm at ECR
  • One day camp on wild life photography